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Protecting your investment and all that’s in it

Caring for homes and businesses for over 55 years.

50 Years

A business built on relationships

Dykstra Brothers is a trusted name in the roofing and siding industry, dedicated to serving the Greater Niagara and Burlington regions with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to care for people and our communities by providing the highest quality roofs and siding available. 

Our enduring success is a testament to our work ethic and the strong relationships we have cultivated with our valued customers and suppliers over the past five decades. By providing superior workmanship, honesty and genuine care for the homes and buildings we work on, we have earned a solid reputation in the areas we serve.

Committed to value

At Dykstra Brothers, we prioritize your satisfaction and peace of mind. We maintain quality control by keeping everything in-house and involving you in every step of the process, from estimating to overseeing the work and completion of the project.

While we may not offer the lowest prices, investing a little more ensures you receive the expertise of a reliable and experienced crew. With our commitment to delivering solid and problem-free results, you’ll see the long-term value in choosing Dykstra Brothers... a name you can trust.

Meet Our Team

Businesses don’t install roofs. People do.

Meet our team of roofing experts who do more than put a roof over your head. They give you peace of mind.

Martin Dykstra
Nicolai Dykstra

Accredited Suppliers

We only work with trusted partners


Reach a little higher

At Dykstra Brothers, we look for people of good character who are willing to work hard. We expect a lot from our team… that’s why we pay some of the most competitive wages in the industry!